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Teen Loans

Teen Loans offer access to credit to employed teens – whether it’s to finance that new bike, a new computer or their first car. Through your MTEFCU’s “My Own Loan” program, teens with their own income may qualify to borrow for their own personal needs. Parental cosigners are required for these services.

To Apply

1. Print out the loan application form
2. Complete and return the application to a loan officer (in person, fax, or email)

Contact a loan officer at 906.482.5005 for more details.

The rate and term will vary depending on the credit score and loan type are subject to change without notice.

Other Personal Loan Options:

Personal Loan – Great for one time purchases with monthly payments and rates as low as 7.75% APR
Single Payment Loan – Short-term, single payment loans with rates as low as 7.75% APR
Personal Line of Credit – Balance your cash flow with a revolving line of credit at 12.00% APR
Overdraft Line of Credit – A personal line of credit tied to your checking account with 12.00% APR
Xpress Payday Loan – A 30 day cash advance of up to $500 at 18.00% APR

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