Non-sufficient Funds (per item) $30.00
Overdraft Tolerance (per item) $30.00
Stop Payment Order (per item) $20.00
Returned Item (per item) $5.00
ID Protect (monthly) $2.00
Incoming Wire Transfer $5.00
Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfer  $20.00
Outgoing Foreign Wire Transfer $37.50
Inactive Account (after 12 months, monthly) $5.00
Escheat $50.00
Garnishment/Levy $40.00
Account Research (per hour*) $50.00
Premature Account Closure** $25.00
International Card Usage (per transaction) Up to 1%


* The first two hours of research are complimentary; the fee is assessed for any time exceeding the first two hours.
** The fee applies when closing an account within ninety (90) days of the account being opened. 

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