Payroll Deduction

The easy, painless way to pay yourself first and add funds systematically to your MTEFCU account.

Money is deducted from your payroll check each payday in the amount you specify. The employer handles the transaction automatically and deposits the funds directly to your account. Your money will be in your account no matter where you are on pay day.

Text or Call 906.482.5005 or see a MTEFCU member service representative to sign up today.

Direct Deposit

Conveniently put your entire paycheck directly into your credit union checking account. Ask your employer for more information on setting this up.

If you receive Social Security or Unemployment you can sign up for direct deposit on their websites.

How to format your account number for Direct Deposit or ACH (electronic transactions):

  • Savings or Checking: You can simply use your member number and indicate whether the account is savings or checking. You can also use the number at the bottom of your checks; use only the last 10 digits which is your member account number.

    Example: 1990001234567 where the account number to be used is 0001234567.

  • Loan: Specify that it is a loan when sending and use your 10 digit member number.

    Example: 299990001234567 where the account number to be used is 0001234567.

Have a question?

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